Case Study

Reshma Field - Swindon Will Writing

My business is Swindon Will Writing where I draft Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, so it's a professional services business.

Swindon Will Writing

How did you first hear about us?

I've known Emma through networking events in our area. When I'm not extremely busy with Wills, I am a personal stylist as well and Emma took advantage of my Colour & Style sessions...and then did a personal shopping trip. We became friends first and then work colleagues later.

How did you feel about outsourcing your admin?

At the very start, before I started outsourcing my admin, I was dubious because I wanted to find somebody that I trusted. The specific situation that prompted me to outsource was really the volume of work that was coming through. Back in 2018, I was having some technical issues with my computer and needed to get some Estate Planning documentation over to a client urgently. It was last minute and late in the day but I was impressed by Emma's advice, her calmness and the 'get it done' attitude.

What were the biggest challenges you were facing that meant you needed to make some changes in your business?

The volume of work coming through and the inability to keep up with the general admin and trying to streamline my business.

What were you looking for in a solution?

It kind of comes back to that streamlining the business; allowing me to expand the business, to work on the business plan, have more time with family and friends and be able to travel so it all basically a time aspect. I have great peace of mind that I can trust Boatman Admin Services to do the stuff that I'm asking them to do. They are like a safe pair of hands so it takes a weight off my shoulders that I know that I am outsourcing tasks that I don't need to be doing myself or that are not productive for me to do.

Also for my own sanity, just to have that extra time for myself.

What has been the biggest positive outcoming from using our services?

The biggest positive outcome freeing up time for myself to work ON the business and to actually just free time in general because the reason I set up business for myself was to be able to have flexibility and a work life balance. Having an admin assistant like yourself is something that helps me to achieve that.

How likely are you to recommend Boatman Admin Services to a fellow business owner?

I would without a doubt highly recommend Emma and the Boatman Admin Services team - although I don't want them to become too busy so they can't support me as much any more!

You can learn more about Swindon Will Writing over at their website