OBM Services

OBM Services


When you invest in me as your Online Business Manager (OBM), we create a plan that allows you to have a coffee in peace, removing the stress and stopping you from being the bottleneck in your business.

My extensive project management background means I am diligent, a problem solver, and understand the realities of running a business and managing a team under stressful conditions. I know the importance of observing a business's mechanics and team dynamics. As an OBM I help streamline your business operations, create efficiencies and instil harmony in the team, freeing up your time to help you stay in your zone of genius. I provide expert guidance and support in strategy, team management, systems and processes. I act as a business partner supporting and enabling you to move forwards with your goals.

My kind and approachable manner and ability to stand firm when necessary leads to strong boundaries, trust building and strong leadership.

I understand the importance of having a reliable business partner that can provide ease and flexible operations and administrative support. I am committed to providing my clients with the best service possible through my genuine desire to help them succeed. With my expertise and commitment to excellence, we will bring you the support you need to take your business to the next level.

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So, what will working with an OBM do for your business?!

Working with me as your Online Business Manager is a strategy that can help businesses scale and grow by streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and delegating responsibilities. Here are some specific strategies behind working with an OBM:

Identifying areas for improvement:

I can work with the business owner to identify areas that need improvement, such as systems, processes, and workflows. I can then develop a strategy to address these areas, streamline operations, and improve efficiency.

Delegating responsibilities:

I can take on some of the day-to-day responsibilities of running the business, allowing the business owner to focus on strategic planning and growth. This can include managing projects, supervising employees, and overseeing operations.

Developing and implementing systems:

I can help you to identify, develop and then implement new systems and processes to improve the efficiency of the business. This can include automating tasks, creating standard operating procedures, and implementing project management software.

Managing growth:

As a business grows, it can become more complex and difficult to manage. I can help manage this growth by developing strategies to scale the business, such as hiring new employees, expanding into new markets, and developing new products or services.

What's the investment?

Strategy and implementation (my team) - £1200/month

Strategy only (implementation your team) - £750/month

OBM Services